Fabiola Beracasa and Jason Beckman’s Wedding Extravaganza in Croatia


[VOGUE] When Fabiola Beracasa—film producer, style maven, and perfectionist of the first water—set out to plan her wedding, the results were never going to be less than spectacular. Nevertheless, the dream of beauty that Fabiola and her gifted accomplices conjured up left her elegant and worldly guests awed.

“It was the best wedding I’ve been to in my life,” says Riccardo Tisci. “It was insane. Very chic in details, and both elegant and fun at the same time. It was a really big celebration of love.”

Let us first consider the setting. Fabiola wanted the celebrations to be a “memorable, magical sort of vacation” for her intimate posse of beloved friends and family—something “flowery and cultural with both sun and sea.” Fabiola’s native Venezuela was, of course, too politically incendiary to be a possibility. Instead, she and Jason decided on Dubrovnik, rightly dubbed the “pearl of the Adriatic”—a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1979 and a place they already loved exploring together.

Dubrovnik is a stage-set medieval fortified city (familiar to Game of Thrones aficionados as King’s Landing, fictional capital of the Seven Kingdoms in the show’s second season) with gleaming marble paving slabs linking pale stone churches and palaces that reveal its trading history with Venice; its impregnable walls and fortress towers, meanwhile, bear witness to its belligerent past. For Fabiola, the city was “a lovely representation of what we want our union to be—it has history and longevity, it’s cared-for and loved, and it’s been through wars and come out the other end!”

Fabiola Beracasa

Working closely with Mayor Andro Vlahušić, a friend of the couple’s, Fabiola chose a variety of venues that showcased the city. On Friday, this meant the sixteenth-century Sponza Palace for the morning ceremony itself, its arcaded courtyard framing a celestial view above; the equally storied Rector’s Palace for the lunch; and the enchanting nineteenth-century Marin Držić Theatre for the “Baroque fantasy” dinner and after-party.

The picturesque island of Lokrum—a nature reserve with flocks of peacocks beautifying its monastery grounds—served as the setting for a picnic lunch and swimming party on the following day, while the imposing Fort Lovrijenac was a dramatic backdrop for that evening’s black-tie gala.


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